Getting Started is designed to be easy and quick to use, but customizable over time. This short guide will help new users setup their account.

Getting started usually happens in three steps:


Sign Up for an account

It's free to get started and start collecting data: sign up for an account. Use the wizard to create a site and an event type during the installation wizard.


Install the JS Client

Install the JavaScript client which makes it easy to send pageviews, identities and events. The JS Quickstart guide will give you the details on getting it installed quickly or see our guides for common platforms on the left.

Contact us if you have any questions.

What Next?

Once your data is flowing in you should start seeing results on your dashboard. Most clients find UTM tagging inconsistencies, untracked email links and other data quality hiccups. It's good to fix these small things whenever possible, better data in means better data out.

Once your data is flowing and the easy data fixes are finished, there are some advanced options:

  • Dive into specific campaigns and mediums: From your traffic overview page, you can see comparative performance of all inbound traffic to see which is performing best.
  • Turn on daily or weekly snapshot emails: Get a snapshot of your dashboard right in your inbox every day or every week making it easy to stay on top of new signups and new campaign performance.
  • Connect your AdWords account: Connecting your AdWords account will allow to pull in your cost information and show you your ROI!
  • Iterate: Use your data to change how you conduct marketing and iteratively check your results. Most clients look at each campaign/source and expand those that are working and improve or pause those that aren't working.

Have Questions?

We are here to help! Shoot us a note and we'll work with you to make your marketing efforts successful and properly credited!