Make smarter marketing decisions

See all of your marketing results in one place and quickly see which campaigns are working. Attribution modeling included from the start.

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Wide sources

Smarter, Simpler Analytics

Headache-Free Results tracks your visit, conversion and spend data in one place so you can tell at a glance what is working and what is a waste.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Make better decisions by factoring in every touchpoint in a prospect's journey. Track key assisting channels and never double-count conversions again.

Cross-Device Tracking

Get a single view of how your customers engage with marketing across desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Tailored for Small Businesses is designed to give small and medium businesses the information that matters. No complicated setup, no expensive support costs and only the features you need.

What is your marketing goal?


Focus your marketing efforts on the channels that bring in the best converting traffic.


Close more deals by focusing on sources that produce the most leads for your sales team.

User Signups

Build your subscriber base by focusing on marketing traffic that brings in the most signups.

Custom Events

Something else? You can easily define and optimize your traffic using your own custom events.

How It Works


Users arrive at your site

We record where they came from and where they land. UTM tags are stored and organized for later.


Users experience your site, potentially multiple times

We record every new touchpoint and every page, connecting them back to one identity.



Once they convert, we save their touchpoints and pageviews into a single timeline, run attribution models on it and give credit to the sources of traffic and pages seen.


Your Results

We aggregate every users activity so that you can easily see the performance of every inbound channel, all tied directly to business events and individual users. Drill down from a specific marketing campaign all the way to a single users's journey.

Easy Installation

Installation is just a few lines of JavaScript with personalized guides for many common platforms.
We have our own Shopify App with a totally automatic installation.

Cost-data Integrations

Get your marketing ROI by combining the attributed events with your traffic costs.

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